Development Of Nanocomposite WC-Co Materials-An Overview

Author(s): Akshay Kumar, K.Singh, O.P.Pandey

Tungsten carbide (WC) is a hard substance used in cutting tools. In order to achieve higher tool life, the uniform and fine distribution of WC in the matrix of cutting tool is essential. The life of the tool can be further enhanced if the size of WC is very fine which may range from nanometer size to submicron size. The work on achieving fine size nano WC substance has attracted lot of attention to researchers as it has tremendous application in industry. As per the empirical Hall-Petch relation, ultra fine grains of WC can endow the material with improved strength and hardness. On the other hand, the increased volume fraction of grain boundaries may lead to increased ductility and toughness of the material. For this reason higher hardness has been achieved in nanostructured WC-Co without degradation of toughness. In this article, we have described the historical development of the various methods used for the synthesis of nanostructured WC-Co material. The problems encounted in sintering has been highlighted. The work gives details of merits and demerits of each process along with application of this nanocomposite.

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