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Comparative Study of the Physico-Chemical Quality of Water from Wells, Boreholes and Rivers Consumed in the Commune of Pelengana of the Region of Segou in Mali

Author(s): Toure A, Wenbiao D and Keita Z

The aim of this study is the assessment of physical and chemical characteristics of different commonly used water sources, including wells, boreholes and river in the locality of Pelengana commune, in Mali. Thirty samples of water were collected and ..


3D4 Space - Advanced Systems, Components, and Novel Methods for Planetary Exploration with Wheeled Mobile Robots

Author(s): Lopez-Arreguin AJR, Linke S, Stoll E, Freund R, Prziwara PF, Voss A, Schilde C, Kwade A, Homey E, Schroeder T, Wiehle M and Thomas D

The history of roving vehicles on other extraterrestrial bodies has become the breakthrough of space exploration. Mastering the challenges imposed by past missions requires vigorous technology developments carried out in terrestrial laboratories, whe..

Original Article

Upgrading of Metallurgical Grade Silicon (MG-Si) Using Wet Milling Process as a Pretreatment Step before Acid Leaching

Author(s): Ali HHM, El-Sadek MH, Morsi MB, El-Barawy KA and Abou-Shahba RM

Locally produced metallurgical grade silicon (MG-Si ~ 97%) was upgraded by using wet-milling process. This is including milling of MG-Si in presence of 2 M HCl solution for different time periods up to 60 min. The effect of milling time in HCl soluti..