Sexual Behavior Of HIV Patients

 It isn't surely known how contamination with HIV and related knowledge of sexual brutality influences sexual conduct in African ladies. We depict factors affecting current sexual acts of Rwandan ladies living with or without HIV/AIDS. By plan, 75% of members were HIV positive and ~50% detailed having encountered destructive assault. Univariate and multivariate calculated relapse models were fit to portray segment and clinical attributes that impacted sexual conduct in the past a half year, condom use, history of value-based sex, and earlier contamination with a non-HIV explicitly transmitted illness. Respondents' age, where they lived, regardless of whether they lived with a spouse or accomplice, experience of sexual injury, CD4 check, CES-D and PTSD scores were emphatically connected with dangerous sexual conduct and disease with non-HIV STI. HIV positive ladies with a background marked by sexual brutality with regards to war and strife might be vulnerable to some high-hazard sexual practices.

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