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Mechanical medical procedure is a technique to perform medical procedure utilizing little devices joined to an automated arm. The specialist controls the automated arm with a computer.You will be given general sedation so you are snoozing and torment free. The specialist sits at a PC station and coordinates the developments of a robot. Little careful instruments are joined to the robot's arms. The specialist makes little slices to embed the instruments into your body. A flimsy cylinder with a camera appended to its furthest limit (endoscope) permits the specialist to see amplified 3-D pictures of your body as the medical procedure is occurring. The robot coordinates the specialist's hand developments to play out the technique utilizing the small instrumentsIf a specialist reveals to you that you need medical procedure, you may feel befuddled and concerned. You are most likely stressed over whether the medical procedure will be fruitful, how much torment you may have and how much time you will miss from work. Fortunately with progresses in careful innovation, you can expect a totally different medical procedure involvement with UCLA.