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Oral Contraceptives

Oral contraceptives are generally recommended for about a month at once, with every 4-week bundle containing 4 to 7 days of sans hormone pills. Ladies get their period during these without hormone days. A few arrangements have "expanded" or "persistent" hormone dosing with less or no sans hormone days so ladies get their periods not exactly once per month. Oral contraceptives can be begun anytime and any day of the menstrual cycle. All ladies who begin taking oral contraceptives should initially have a pregnancy test to ensure they are not effectively pregnant. Ladies ought to likewise utilize "reinforcement" conception prevention, for example, condoms, for 7 days subsequent to beginning.   Viability :On the off chance that contraception pills are taken consummately (100% of the time), the possibility of pregnancy is 0.1%. Be that as it may, in reality, representing missed long periods of utilization, the possibility of pregnancy is about 8% every year.   Reactions :Reactions of oral contraceptives change contingent upon the pills' hormone levels and types. Some incorporate vaginal spotting and unusual dying (this typically diminishes after the initial 3 months of utilization), bosom delicacy, swelling, and queasiness. Studies have indicated that conception prevention pills don't cause significant weight gain. 

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