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Melancholy is a typical mental issue and one of the primary driver of incapacity around the world. All around, an expected 264 million individuals are influenced by depression.1 More ladies are influenced than men. Misery is described by bitterness, loss of intrigue or joy, sentiments of blame or low self-esteem, upset rest or craving, sluggishness, and helpless fixation. Individuals with despondency may likewise have different physical grievances with no clear physical reason. Melancholy can be enduring or intermittent, significantly debilitating individuals' capacity to work at work or school and to adapt to every day life. At its generally extreme, melancholy can prompt self destruction. Counteraction programs have been appeared to lessen sadness, both for kids (for example through insurance and mental help following physical and sexual maltreatment) and grown-ups (for example through psychosocial help after calamities and clashes)

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