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Journal Of Yoga

Yoga is a community of physical, spiritual and mental practices or disciplines that originated in ancient India Yoga is celebrated worldwide for improving its health and for establishing facets of wellness. The basic purpose of yoga is to promote harmony in the body , mind and environment. Yoga professes a full physical , emotional , social and spiritual growth program. Yoga's ultimate goal is Moksha (liberation), although the exact form it takes depends on the philosophical or theological system it is conjugated with. The ultimate goal of yoga practice in the classical Astanga yoga method is to attain the state of Samadhi and abide as pure consciousness in that state. Yoga has five main, traditional meanings, according to Jacobsen A disciplined method by which to achieve a goal. Techniques of manipulating the mind and the body. A school name, or philosophy program (darśana). In particular, with prefixes such as "hatha-, mantra-, and laya-, traditions Yoga strategies. The intention of practicing Yoga.

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