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The American Society of Primatologists (ASP) remains on the side of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) as they continued looking for equity and asserts that Black Lives Matter. We censure separation, provocation, demonstrations of severity, and savagery against Black individuals, and by expansion all networks of shading. The ASP recognizes that dreadfully many Black individuals and different people of shading have been exposed to prejudice and police viciousness for the duration of their lives. We bolster all endeavors to end prejudice and bad form through legitimate activities, for example, serene dissent, strategy change, and fundamental change. The ASP is a comprehensive society. We invite any individual who has an enthusiasm for understanding primates to join our general public, without thought of race, skin shading, nationality, ethnicity, strict convictions, sex, sex character, sex articulation, or sexual direction. We require our individuals to treat each other consciously, as depicted in our Code of Conduct Policy in which we "disallow any type of badgering, sexual or something else, toward any of our individuals paying little mind to age, ethnicity, race, sex personality or articulation, sexual direction, religion, capacity, conjugal status, appearance, nationality, language, or some other explanation."

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