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 Biopharmaceutics journal made to review process after that the article will be published in the particular Journal and it helps the researchers to get the new ideas in their research area. Bio pharmaceutics provides a forum for publishing new discoveries on Pharmacology. The major division in pharmaceutical sciences that can mostly relates in between the physicochemical properties of a drug in a dosage form and also in pharmacology, toxicology, or in a clinical response which will be observed after its administration but it is not sufficient to know what the drug does to the body.  It is also very crucial to know what the body does to the drug. The knowledge of the pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetic properties of the drug and its metabolites in humans and animals is crucial to understand it has different effects among species and it will be adjusting drug by dosing plasma concentration of the drug in the basic concept of pharmacokinetics. Based on their protein binding of the drug.  

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