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"The term geomorphology has been derived from the Greek terminology i.E.. Ge that means ""earth""; morpho which means ""form""; and logos means ""observe"" is the take a look at of the alteration, formation, and configuration of the topographical capabilities of the earth's surface. The take a look at ofgeomorphology has been damaged down into the study of various geomorphologic strategies, which includes Fluvial associated with rivers and streams,Glaciers, Mass Movement and Weathering. Journal of Geology & Geosciences, publishes articles which are related to the sphere of landforms and glacial techniques, fluvial techniques and landforms, arid environments, planetary & implemented geomorphology, volcanics, Remote sensing and GIS strategies, marine and coastal techniques, lakes, estuaries, tectonics, environmental alternate, theoretical geomorphology, weathering, soil erosion, coastal dunes, mass motion etc.. Geomorphology journals articles offers an open source of statistics to the readers & pupils, which use this broadly study articles to preserve up with current studies in geology. Articles posted in the Geomorphology journal offers a greater danger of visibility to the readers, which in flip results in maximum range of article citations. "    

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