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 Computational Biology and Chemistry publishes authentic research papers and assessment articles in all areas of computational life sciences. High excellent studies contributions with a main computational element in the regions of nucleic acid and protein sequence studies, molecular evolution, molecular genetics (functional genomics and proteomics), principle and practice of both biology-unique or chemical-biology-unique modeling, and structural biology of nucleic acids and proteins are especially welcome. Exceptionally excessive high-quality research work in bioinformatics, structures biology, ecology, computational pharmacology, metabolism, biomedical engineering, epidemiology, and statistical genetics will also be taken into consideration. Given their inherent uncertainty, protein modeling and molecular docking research need to be very well proven. In the absence of experimental outcomes for validation, the use of molecular dynamics simulations along with specified free strength calculations, as an instance, ought to be used as complementary strategies to aid the principal conclusions. Submissions of untimely modeling physical activities without extra organic insights will not be considered.

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