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Catholicism alludes to numerous things, including its strict convictions (called "philosophies" and "tenets"), and its type of strict love (called formalities). The word likewise alludes to Catholic strict convictions about morals (things that are good and bad). It additionally alludes to the manners in which that individuals from the Catholic religion live and practice their religion. Numerous individuals utilize "Catholicism " to discuss strict convictions of the Catholic Church, whose pioneer is known as the "Religious administrator of Rome" and frequently called the "Pope". The Catholic Church is situated in the Vatican City, a little free nation in the city of Rome, Italy. Now and then the word likewise alludes to convictions of other Christian houses of worship, including the Eastern Orthodox Churches, who have numerous convictions like the Catholic Church, however don't accept the Bishop of Rome is their pioneer. "Catholicism" is frequently used to differentiate between the convictions of Catholic Christians and the convictions of others called Protestant Christians. Catholic and Orthodox places of worship use church pioneers, called religious administrators, to decide convictions. Protestants, be that as it may, regularly utilize every part's own comprehension of the Bible to decide convictions. Protestants use rules from the sixteenth century Protestant Reformation to comprehend the Bible. It is the world's second biggest strict section after Sunnism  

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