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 Global efforts to understand and manage cancer involve clinicians skilled in many branches of medication and scientists from most biological disciplines, biochemistry, pharmaceutical and medical sciences. Archives in Cancer Research magazine exists to serve the needs of this various network, providing a platform for prompt communiqué of authentic and revolutionary study’s findings which have relevance to knowledge the etiology of cancer and to improving the remedy and survival of patients. ACR journal works with a outstanding crew of international specialists to make sure the highest requirements of selection and assessment. All relevant papers are carefully taken into consideration. Original, evaluate and case document articles are standard for publication. Once customary, papers are published hastily. Subject regions suitable for e-book consist of, however are not limited to the following fields: Cancer , most cancers research, tumor, oncology, carcinogenesis, cancer, sarcoma, metastasis, skin most cancers, chemotherapy, leukemia, bone most cancers, lung cancer, breast most cancers, cancer therapeutics, Prostate cancer.

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