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Original Article

, Volume: 6( 3)

The Evolutionary Pictures and Eight-Stages to the Universe: A Full Explanation

Yonghong L, School of Automation, Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan 430070, China, Tel: +086-027-8785-0955; E-mail:

Received: September 12, 2017; Accepted: October 07, 2017; Published: October 12, 2017

Citation: Yonghong L. The Evolutionary Pictures and Eight-Stages to the Universe: A Full Explanation. J Space Explor. 2017;6(3):131


This brief article will show people how the universe began. If, cosmic forming requires several stages, people track, when two tiny black holes do attract a plasma, it will most likely into the event horizon of two tiny black hole, this means that a plasmas can zip through the quantum double slit in the universe, but not consume the plasmas, and is followed by the “tango” effect on universe, etc. In the scientific sense, the universe is a self-sufficient system, and is determined by the cosmic scientific law. So, the universe can be divided into eight stages, just like an abrupt episode during the Earth’s evolution. In recent years, I have evolved a new cosmogony of set theory, called axiom cosmology and/or super-large-scale angle cosmology, which is the theoretical basis for this article. For the relation between matter and antimatter, it is interesting how I seem to have more the point to think of it as the problem of set operations.


Cosmology; Cosmogony; Matter; Antimatter; Dark matter; Black hole theory; Thread Big Bang


The Big Bang theory has formed the basis of cosmologists understanding of the universes origins since it was first proposed in 1927 by Lemaître, subsequent large-scale evolution [1]. In Big Bang theory, the state of the universe is a singularity in early times, but a singularity cannot be mathematically defined. And indeed, ever since the birth of cosmology, some astronomers and cosmologists have offered alternate interpretations that aim to get one-and-many (or collapse and expansion) of transform mutually [2]. This theory predicts interaction between matter and antimatter, which could have implications for black hole formation [3]. This paper offers an evolutionary picture together with a logical explanation, and thus frequently high degree of order in the universe is that these specific findings are no fluke. The evolutionary process using mathematical theory and that proved to be the possibility. My work mainly makes the following contributions:

• According to the set theory [4] for universe and the axiom (or logic) cosmology [5,6], the universe must have a starting point. But the universe is a really super-closed-space-time (simply SCST), and the theory could lead to an entirely new view of the universe that does include a Thread Big Bang [6] as well, maybe be quantum behavior.

• I hold that the universe is a self-sufficient system, and is determined by the cosmic scientific law. To do this, I can build a picture of how the universe has evolved, and give descriptions.

This paper is organized as follows:

In section “New interpretations for the universe”, shown that I explained a cluster of how the universe evolved and this section in graphic from this amazing universe works. Finally, section “Conclusions and Outlook” presents conclusions and directions for future work.

New Interpretations for the Universe

Everything has its unique root, also have the stage of its development, and a natural universe is not the exception. In Planck era, the cosmos is about “balls”, and how “romantic” is that? See Figure 1f to b. The universe is composing of matter and antimatter (the antimatter leaves behind a trail) that they have pictures in Figure 1a, a’, g and h.


Figure 1: This most perfect of pictures showing that the origins and evolution of the universe and can say one word “magic”, and can mean a shortened and effective way to express complex findings, despite a higher power of the artist’s imagination and creativity.

Now, people may be close to understanding cosmos. See Figure 2.


Figure 2: The evolution of the universe starting from logic staring point up until present day.

Stage 0

In Figure 1f, the cosmically plasma began during the stage 0 (zero) or the zero era, forming dark matter and “transparent” matter, the tangent energy [6] of the dark energy makes space curved, so the tendril of cosmic dust, i.e., providential for plasma come together [7,8]. Twining, like a ball. So, this is a logic starting point of universe.

Stage 1

In Figure 1e, this is a very important stage in the universe (it’s a very small probability is very small). Surprisingly, the ball (or matter) splitting into new matter, is closely related to cosmic quantum-physical phenomena, driven by topological space of the properties, the ball is attracted by two tiny black holes (tantamount to (or is an isomorphism) double-slit open), It is through the two tiny black holes at the same time, and will not be any black hole’s ruin. It is all because, compared with ball, a black hole is just containing the ball, and energy of the black holes is very small. So definitely, the quantum information of the ball has a definite physical meaning; it can be implemented in the universe with a quantum theory of logic explaining. The universe actually did the wizardly double-slit experiment. The stationary axisymmetric Einstein-Maxwell Dilation Axion (EMDA) black hole, proved by Hawking in 1972, related to two black holes model. As a general conclusion, the application of the quantum mechanics is perhaps the nature of the matter in the black hole (e.g., the cosmic double-slit effects in the black hole). As an incident during the cosmos evolution, it has important scientific value.

Stage 2

In Figure 1d, this ball absorbs the energy of the black holes that is not subject to the constraints of a black hole, they absorb other dust plasmas for high-speed rotation shortly afterwards and rubbing against each other. As a result, become super double plasmas.

Stage 3

In Figure 1c, the universe began during the Stage 3, forming matter and antimatter (double plasmas), is use as building minimum stellar bit computer, which it is then able to carry out “Tango” effect. The general relativity is based on this one great equivalence of two quantities which are very different attributes; cause the dark energy. If the universe U is composed of matter A and antimatter B [5], then

equation (1)

Stage 4

In Figure 1b, this matter the friction with the antimatter, that is about to turn it into huge radio energy. The matter should remember the zero-point correcting of the universe. Let Φh be a black hole, and let A represent the matter sets, B represent the antimatter sets [5,6]. If that is so, then

equation (2)

Stage 5

In Figure 1a and a’, this matters the interaction with the antimatters, i.e., celestial collisions. So, sparking the Thread Big Bang [6] in Figure 3, and cause the gravitation, the result reveals the secrets of how the matter and antimatter is produced and the principle of identity is proved. Liberates stars via the tango effect of the universe, this gravitation has turned aside, and cause the electromagnetic force. Now people use this as the starting point for comparing startup times, also be the Hubble beginning. Across the post-Thread Big Bang universe, collections of Higgs bosons make up a pervasive Higgs field-which is theoretically where particles get mass.


Figure 3: The Thread Big Bang of the universe, due to the super-large-scale angle (Yonghong L. 2015).

Stage 6

In Figure 1g, this is finally a key stage in the Thread Big Bang, and we call this the Planck era. Also, by measuring the fluctuations of the CMB radiation over all scales, there is evidence that suggests there was a very rapid expansion just after the Thread Big Bang. Here are three different objects of the universe (e.g. Earth, moon and sun) that will get their spectacle. Of course, physicists also think that there two kinds of forces, i.e., the weak force and the strong force. This matter is interaction with the antimatter. Now, though, physicists may have seen more hints of the dark matter purported to make up a majority of the mass in the universe, but physicists still don't know the transparent matter (so I guess that it's being in physics-and sooner or later), and to abide U and Φh laws [5,6].

Stage 7

In Figure 1h, the ball of matter is treated as a very large number in the universe expands. It is possible to plasmas features of interest and examines how they evolve in computer simulations. From number counts of galaxies, about 3.5 × 1015 nebulous objects, the average densities of the mass would be about ρ=1.5 × 10-28 kg ? m-3, and its radius of curvature of spherics would have to be about 27000 Mpc [9]. Especially, the Fourth Cambridge Catalogue of Radio Sources (4C) is an astronomical catalogue of celestial radio sources as measured at 178 MHz using the 4C Array, that is to say, it recognizable by its classics in radio astronomy [10]. Now, the primary science goal of the Kepler Mission is to provide a census of exoplanets in the solar neighborhood, e.g., a precise asteroseismic age and radius for the evolved Sun-like star KIC 11026764 [11].

Conclusions and Outlook

In the cosmic century, more interesting still, to describe how that the matter traveling rendering in the zero era. A good guess is that there are so simple set operations, because it means that the matter and antimatter created the world ? for processes that occur in a time tp less than one Planck time ? 10-43 seconds [12,13]. Now, people had a truly noble idea, that black hole created our world, and it is the inevitable product of formation and the evolution of the universe. The universe is determined by the set law. The cosmogony can be look on as a problem of set, because it should have cosmological sense. By evolutionary pictures and eight-stages, this study will contribute to divide the universe, and discover the inner rules and features of the universe. This recognition is foundation to evolution research. In short, that means the application of the Thread Big Bang theory (i.e. axiom cosmology and/or super-large-scale angle cosmology), presumably, it would permit black hole, wormhole and space-time tunnel are realized to make human beings travel through the entire universe.


The author is grateful to the anonymous referees for useful comments and suggestions.