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, Volume: 7( 3)

The birth of the sons and daughters of the intelligence of dark energy

Berov G Lyubomir, Engineer, Independent Innovative Ideas Researcher, Smolyan 4000, Bulgaria, E-Mail:

Received: October 18, 2018; Accepted: November 02, 2018; Published: November 07, 2018

Citation: Berov G Lyubomir. The Birth of The "Sons and Daughters" of The Intelligence of Dark Energy. J Space Explor. 2018;7(3):150


So why is our material world created? Perhaps this is one of the ways to recreate the intelligence of dark energy - so at least I imagine.


Dear reader, in this article I add to my hypothesis about the intellect of the dark energy

In short, the dark energy is conscious and possesses intellect, immeasurably and incomprehensibly large for humans. The dark energy has created and continues to create our material world. Its conscious waves are penetrating our world in all directions. For her concepts like space and time don’t exist. This intellect, however, like the intellect of any living being continues to develop.

And now about the “birth” of new intellect-this is my hypothesis:

Let’s start with the creation of our material world. Why was it created-certainly there are many reasons, but probably this is one of the ways for the recreation of the intellect of the dark energy. At least this is how I imagine it. Maybe this is how it happens:

At the beginning of space and time, thinking waves of the dark energy are transformed into supplementary and elementary particles, each of which, apart from all other qualities, figuratively, carries a fraction of space and instant of time.

All these fractions of space and instants of time summed in an incomprehensible way create the space and time. From this moment on our continuously changing material world begins to exist. My hypothetical assumption is that it is figuratively speaking the womb in which the future intelligence of the dark energy is being conceived and carried. This process ends with their birth. From this moment on they don’t need space, time and material particles. Here is more about the process of “carrying”.

Specific expressions of the thought waves are the particles of the force interactions. They are the primary active substance that determines everything that happens in the material world. They have no mass and propagate at the speed of light. They are from the “old world” and because of that are so incomprehensible to us people. And still somewhere in our subconscious may be there is nothing simpler than the force interactions. They, in fact, control the material particles and everything that happens in our material world. The material particles also possess intellect and emotions which are added and combined with those of the force field particles and together are embodied in the future intellects.

And now specifically about “the human intellect”-according to what I have written so far, in comparison to the intellects of planets, stars and so on, ours is still in embryonic stage.

However, we are extremely dynamic in our development which might be making us the favorite child of the dark energy’s intellect. (Hope so). But we should keep in mind that there is evidence for highly developed human civilizations millions of years ago disappearing without a trace. Whether this is a result of fatal mistakes along the path of their development, and whether we humans shouldn’t be more careful in our relationships and the relationships with the rest of the world? Dear reader, it is always worth thinking about this.

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