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, Volume: 8( 1) DOI: 10.37532/2319-9822.2019.8(1).152

Quantum Rotation is not TIME

Sahriar Ahamed*

Gollamari North Bank (GNB) Khal Raod, Bangladesh

*Corresponding Author:
Sahriar Ahamed 44, Gollamari North Bank (GNB) Khal Raod, Bangladesh, Tel: 08801834529357; E-Mail:

Received date: January 09, 2019; Accepted date: February 15, 2019; Published date: February 25, 2019

Citation: Sahriar Ahamed. Quantum Rotation is not Time. J Space Explor. 2019;8(1):1526


A new model for inertial mass, quantized inertia, that predicts galaxy rotation without dark matter, also predicts that a highly-accelerated system surrounded by an asymmetric conductor will feel thrust in a new way, without having to store and expel propellant. This may already have been seen in the em drive, which quantized inertia predicts quite well. Here it is shown that thrust effects from asymmetric capacitors (including the Woodward effect) can also be predicted to the right order of magnitude. The lack of a need to store heavy propellant implies much lighter launch systems and the possibility of interstellar travel.


Quantum rotation; black hole; Earth; Time


Wrong definition of time during an assumption

We always measure and say the clock as the measuring scale of time. And always do researches, experiment, calculation everything according to clock assuming it as the time the 4th dimension. Even Albert Einstein also assumed the clock as Time during explaining some of his theory as time dilation [1].

Scientists as Stephen Hawkins also made mistake to assume time during explaining the nature of time in Black Hole [2].

Logical Assumption

Quantum rotation of the earth around the sun or the quantum rotation of any planet or stars is not time but the 4th dimension.

Explanation of the logical assumption

We use a clock for watching minutes, hours, and seconds. Every work we schedule according to our clock scale which we call time. Even scientists, researchers, and engineering works are based on the clock measurement scale. But clock time is based on the earth rotational movement. One full rotation on its own axis is known as a day which is divided into 24 hours and hours are divided into minutes, seconds etc. [3]. With its one full rotation of the Earth around the Sun is known as a year. The year is divided and subdivided by month, week etc. [4]. Eventually the day of the Earth and one day of the Mars, Jupiter or Saturn is not the same.Day’s length of other planets is: Venus=5.832 hour, Earth=24 hours, Mars=25 hours, Jupiter=10 hours, Saturn=11 hours, Uranus=17, Neptune=16 hours and many more [5].So, one day in Jupiter is only 10 hours which means that Jupiter’s speed of rotation is more than the earth. It doesn’t refer that the time is different on Jupiter than the time on the Earth. It is the quantum rotation of the Jupiter which is different from the Earth. Likewise in Neptune, we can see that the duration of the day is getting end within 16 hours. Does it mean that the time of the Neptune is different from the time of the Earth? Not at all; it means that the Neptune is moving faster than the Earth on its own axis. So, whatever we know about Time, actually it is the measurement of the rotational movement of the planets and stars. Which we can call as the “quantum rotation”. Thus, for this reason, time will not be slowing down or fluctuating even near in the black hole too. Although Sir Stephen Hawkins used to think that time stops in Black Hole. But it is the 4th dimension, not time. It will be the quantum rotation that would vary near and inside Blackhole rather than time [6]. Thus Time is the 4th dimension. It contains all the seen and unseen things as stars, dead stars, planets, gas, particles, non-particle, virtual, non-virtual things and many more things. Time has two faces, Future and Past. It arises from the future and moves towards the past through a gateway which we know as ‘Present’. At the point Present, everything becomes Real and it becomes a fact which can be visible by a 3-dimensional eye in “0” hour [7].

Within “0” hours it disappears towards the past. Thus, the time constant can be said as present equal to zero (Pr=0). Now check it out no matter where ever you remain or stay you will experience everything in “0” hour and your fact will disappear in “0” hour too, on the Earth, out of the Earth or in the black hole or out of the black hole, everywhere. Thus, we can say the “Pr=0” is the universal constant for Time the 4th dimension [8,9].


Thus we can say that the thing we know as TIME, is the quantum rotation of the stars and planet, actually. So, if any experiment and research did or are in progress assuming clock scale as time, is going in the wrong direction wasting trillions of the dollar.