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J Space Explo, Volume: 7( 1)

Matter and Intellect

Berov L , Department of Physics, University of Bulgaria, Natalia No 9, 4701 Smolyan, Bulgaria, Tel: +359301-81433; E-mail: [email protected]

Received: January 13, 2018; Accepted: February 04, 2018; Published: February 08, 2018

Citation: Berov L. Matter and Intellect. J Space Explor. 2018;7(1):141.


How was our world created? How did we come to be and what are we? These questions have been the focal point of the reading and non-academic research for many years now. In that regard, the author would like to share with you two of his ideas/ theories.


Catastrophes; Energy; Material; Human

The First Aims to Shed Some Light on the Relationship between the Material and the Intellectual World

The author thought that understanding this relationship is the key to understanding our existence and the reasons why we experience both various types of behavioral cataclysms (a.k.a. wars), and natural catastrophes (a.k.a. earthquakes). This theory is based on the following concepts, ideas, and relationships:

The author thought that both matter and intellect are forms of energy. There are many forms of matter (a.k.a. dark matter, our visible surroundings, etc.) and many forms of intellect (the human intellect being one of those).

The key distinguishing characteristic of the intellectual energy is its ability to detect and analyze data, act, imagine, create and destroy at will.

Each material form of energy is paired with a specific form of intellectual energy that governs the material one.

For example, the dark matter is governed by an intellectual form of energy which is entirely unknown to us (we can call this dark intellect).

The author thought that it is possible that the various forms of intellectual energy communicate with each other, but the laws of those processes are far beyond his knowledge.

The human being is a hybrid between material and intellectual energy. Each individual human being is governed by his or her own intellect on a micro level and by the combined human intellect on a macro level.

The combined human intellect is a form of energy that consists of intellectual ?cells?. Each cell is the intellect of an individual human being.

The combined human intellect has the purpose of maintaining optimal energy state. To achieve that purpose, the combined human intellect controls both the behavior of all human beings (all of us) and the behavior of the environment that supports our existence.

As such, similar to the functioning of the human body, the combined human intellect strives to remain ?healthy? and would eliminate the sick ?cells? by triggering behavioral cataclysms (wars) or natural catastrophes (fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, ice ages, etc.).

The author thought that if we were able to establish closer contact with the combined human intellect, we would be able to reduce the number and severity of cataclysms we experience.

The Second Idea Presents a Conceptual Alternative to the "Big Bang" Theory

Let's first build on the idea from the previous section. Recall, there were three basic concepts:

? Everything is a form of either material or intellectual energy.

? The material and intellectual energies always exist in a pair where the intellectual energy governs the material one.

? The various forms of intellectual energy communicate and interact with each other.

Given the above, we can assume that the various forms of energy are not likely to remain in a static state in perpetuity, but rather, would experience phases of dynamic transformations.

Then we can expect that each transformation would result in either (i) the disappearance of certain material/intellectual energy pairs and/or the birth of other energy pairs, or (ii) the change in the properties of one or both sides of an existing pair. In this framework, the author believes that the transformational phases of the various energy pairs are controlled by their intellectual parts [1-7].

Based on the above, we can explain the "big bang" as simply one (of many) large-scale energy transformation event, where the dark matter, the living matter and the matter of time were created (along with their corresponding intellectual counterparts).

The author speculate that it was the dark matter energy pair which, under the control of its intellectual part, gave birth to the living matter and the matter of time. Prior to that transformational phase, the living matter and the matter of time did not exist in a separate form but, rather, were ingrained into the dark matter.

Note that, in his theory, time itself is a material form of energy, controlled by its own intellectual counterpart. While we don?t have senses to perceive the matter of time, perhaps we do sense its intellect (think about how ?alive? and dynamic our perception of time is).

So, to summarize the above, the ?big bang? is simply one large scale energy transformation event.

As the author outlined earlier, he thought that the various energy pairs experience also phases of smaller scale energy transformation events, where only certain properties of the pair change. For example, the author thought that, at some point, after going through a phase of a smaller scale energy transformation event, the human intellect was able to control its surroundings with telekinetic forces, which would explain how the Egyptian pyramids were built.

As a final thought: if the above is true, how far are we from yet another energy transformation event? And, are we able, by improving the "health" of the combined human intellect, to influence the outcome of the next transformation to our benefit?