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Variations among families in manna ash (Fraxinus ornus L.)

Author(s): Nebi Bilir, Halime Temiraga

Seedling height, root collar diameter, increments and survival were assessed in two-year-old seedlings in a progeny test of 22 Manna ash (Fraxinus ornus L.) families called as genotype in the paper. Variation, including narrow-sense heritability, and correlations among characters were estimated. While there were large differences within genotype and among genotypes for the characters; averages of the height and diameter were 21.7 cm, 6.30mm; 73.2 cmand 15.0mmin first and second year of field performance, respectively. Survivalswere similar in end of first and second growing years (93%and 90%). The coefficient of variations of the height, diameter and their increments within clone was higher than among clones. Estimated heritability was lower than 0.2 for the characters. Significant correlations (p ï‚£ 0.05) between studied seed characters were found. Results of the study were discussed for new plantations and breeding of the species.

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