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Transformation of the Primordial Universe

Author(s): Dale. R. Koehler

A geometric-model of the Universe is physically manifest as a mathematical solution to the supplemented-Riemann equations (Geometric distortions), and displays • No geometrically-mathematical "infinities", • Mimics in one function all forces (gravitational, electromagnetic, weak-force and strong-force), • Describes Black Holes, Blackness and charged Holes and • Creates a non-classical dominating magnetic-field component (important to galaxy structure formation), • Shows a well-behaved metric while providing a geometric rendering of the Fermi-constant, the weak-force strength-constant, and • Establishes and emphasizes the geometric-curvature and energy-density extrema concepts, said concepts constraining the Universe’s explosive-matter-creation-time to 1-DAY (86,400 sec.) while energetically generating all fundamental matter-energy creation products (electrons to muons to bosons to holes). Water and carbon dioxide are created in the following 2–3-DAY time interval while the formation/destruction time for protein structures is 6-DAYS given a 5.3(10)4 Joules/m3 “remnant-creating-form” of the exploding Universe energy-density.

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