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Theory of the Relative Image

Author(s): Moawad EY

From the beginning, the entire contents of the universe have been moving along paths seemed elliptically under the action of the gravitational forces that appeared unlike the reality; constant and always attractive. Such perception about the gravitational forces misled the latter to imply that our universe is either expanding or contracting associated with orbital decay narrowing these elliptical paths gradually until collapse. Conversely, theory of the relative image proves that the gravitational forces are variable elastic restoring forces under which the cosmological objects move simple harmonic motion along wavy paths. The total work done along these wavy paths is zero without energy loss preserving the fixed distances between those bodies in renewable frictionless system. This network of spring forces acting on the cosmological contents was installed by distributing the matter evenly along the spacetime of the universe. Equilibrium of the cosmological body is inseparable from the equilibrium of our static universe in which velocities of all its contents are not constant but accelerated and then decelerated in an isolated system of permanent self-sustaining.

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