The unification of gravitation and electromagnetism and the cause of the pioneer anomaly discovered by NASA

Author(s): C.Y.Lo

It is found that general relativity is incomplete because it involves the charge-mass interaction. The Reissner-Nordstrom metric enables to show that, due to the electromagnetic energy, there is a repulsive effect in gravity. Analysis of this effect shows that the geodesic equation as the equation of motion is inadequate. To include the force of charge-mass repulsion, it is shown that the unification within the theoretical framework of a five-dimensional theory would resolve this problem because of the additional metric elements. In the five-dimensional theory of Einstein and Pauli, those elements were incorrectly disregarded as having no physical meaning. The string theorists led by Witten also failed because they do not understand the Einstein equation adequately. Concurrently, the formula E = mc2 is proven as only conditionally valid and experimental verifications of the new force are discussed. Thus, the full meaning of relativity is still emerging after 100 years of Einstein’s creation. The physical meaning and applications of the new charge-mass interaction are discussed.

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