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The “Transmutation”, Zimmer of Desulfovibrio Desulfuricans into Four (4) Types Similar to Four Genera of Sulfate Reducing Bacteria in the Presence of a Volatile Phosphorus Compound Highly Corrosive to /iron Anaerobically

Author(s): Iverson WP

The presence of a sulfate reducing organism (Desulfovibrio) in yeast extract (where a novel highly active volatile phosphorus compound was produced) containing added sodium hypophosphite, was found to form 4 (four) different bacterial forms: (1) Facultative Gram+ Rod Shaped organisms. Anaerobically, thick rods with rounded ends. Aerobically, sub-terminal sporeswere produced; (2) Gram+ Strict Anaerobic Rods which formed terminal spores; (3) Gram-negative Cocci with no apparent differences in morphology between anaerobic and aerobic growth; (3) Small Gram-negative Oval Rods, again with no changes in morphology. All of the anaerobic forms of the 4 strains were hydrogenase positive and possessed sulfate reducing activity.

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