The salicylic acid effect on the Salvia officianlis L. Ugar, protein and proline contents under salinity(NaCl) stress

Author(s): Khosravi Sahar, Baghizadeh Amin, Nezami MohammadTaher

Plant growth is impressed by biotic and abiotic stress inversely. There are many reports about proteins change level in salinity stress. Leaves fill up more soluble sugar of glucose, fructose and proline with treatment of salicylic acid. In this research, salivia officialis seeds planted in pots containing perlite were put in a growth chamber under controlled conditions of 27 ±2 c and 23 ±2c temperature, 14h lightness and 10h darkness; NaCl concentration of 0,4,8,12 ds/mand salicylic acid concentration of 0,1,2,4 mMwere used in the formof factorial experiment in a complete randomized design (CRD). The results demonstrated that increasing of proline and sugars due to osmotic slope in plants lead to increasing of tolerance against dehydrations of leave content and acceleration of plant developments in stress conditions.

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