The relationship between the catalase activity and physicological and quality changes of stored wheat

Author(s): Feng Jia, Jin-ShuiWang

Conventional detection methods of microbes and quilty of wheat are very time-consuming and labor-intensive not to meet the demands of the food industry. In this study, we successfully built the relationship between the catalase and protease activities in stored wheat samples. There was a simple linear relationship between the catalase activities and temperature during the storage in wheat (R2=0.9699). What’s more, the closely correlation (R2 = 0.9536) exists between catalase and protease activity of wheat samples. Moreover, the results showed inverse relation between mechanical properties of dough and gluten except negative area index. The aging of wheat suggested that the storage conditions affected the endogenous enzymes activities of wheat to change the physiological and mechanical properties. Therefore, the changes of the catalase activity could suggest the physicological and quality changes of stored wheat.

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