The morningstar energy box- part redux

Author(s): Paul A.Murad, Morgan J.Boardman, John E.Brandenburg, Jonathan McCabe

The morningstar energy box is a revolutionary derivative based upon both the searl and the russian device by godin and roschin. The game-changing technology is similar to a mechanical cage by the russians, laminated rollers per searl and a unique main ring with ferromagnetic fluid to enhance electrical and magnetic properties. The russians made several serious claims that created a weight loss when spun in one direction and gain when spun in the opposite direction, and generated discrete magnetic walls. Surprisingly the energy box found similar phenomenon. The energy box in an early test only lost 2 to 5 pounds of its 190 pounds at steady-state. During transient rotation, weight change dropped as much as 20 to 40 pounds using voltages as large as 120 volts. The device was changed to increase voltage to a maximum of 325 volts. During these last test series, the device with no voltage, unexpectedly showed a steady-state 14-pound weight reduction or 7.3% and a transient lose of 12% of the total weight. Clearly we observed nonlinear energy box phenomenon comparable to the russian claims. A possible objective of the device will be to develop an advanced follow-on energy variant for an advanced propulsion system.

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