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Author(s): Alex Zambrano

A ship like this would be hard to explain in the best circumstances but we would have to merge both practical and science fiction in one. The marriage of technology and mathematics have brought this ship to life on this paper. One of the biggest questions some might ask is why a ship on such a scale is needed. My best answer is that space is hostile and that we need a base of operations that can be used to examine the worlds around us without fear of things breaking down. A sanctuary in the stars that can be used to help us expand our reach in the stars. This ship would provide gravity for people to live and work without fear for their health. It would provide a challenge that could bring the world together for a goal everyone can work for. The smaller ships can help us explore and respond to the events going on around the solar system. They would go were the big ship couldn’t go and provide urgent aid if a colony needed help. Another benefit would be that we can run experiments that can help us understand more about how gravity affects the world on earth. Due to the variable gravity, it would let us run experiments that we cannot run on earth or anywhere near it. It would also give us the chance to train people in low gravity environments without having to provide approximate. The ship would provide us with data that no one could ever think of staying on earth. It would also be a possible marriage between governments and big businesses to do mega projects that even now we couldn’t think about doing. It would also push us into a new age of space exploration that could rival the original space age  

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