Suppressant Effect of D-Psicose on Glycemic Response after Ingestion of Various Confections in Healthy Subjects

Author(s): Tatsuhiro Matsuo and Chang Lu

D-Psicose, a C-3 epimer of D-fructose, is a “rare sugar” present in small amounts in nature products. We investigated whether D-psicose suppresses the glycemic response after ingestion of various confections in healthy subjects. In Experiment 1, 20 male and 26 female subjects were randomly divided into 3 groups: marsh mallow, fried cookie and chocolate groups. The test meals were these 3 confections containing 45 g of carbohydrate and hot coffee with 5 g of D-psicose or D-fructose. The increases in blood glucose concentration after intake of various confectionswere significantly lower with simultaneous intake of coffee and D-psicose than with that of coffeewithD-fructose. In Experiment 2, 5male and 5 female subjects ate the cake, almond jelly, baked cookie, fried cookie, and ganache containing 5 g of D-psicose or D-fructose as raw materials. The increases in plasma glucose concentration were significantly lower after intake of almond jelly and ganache containing D-psicose than those containing D-fructose. The postprandial plasma glucose concentration did not differ between intake of confections containing D-psicose and D-fructose cooked at high temperature. These results suggested that D-psicose is effective for the hypoglycemic response as a functional food material. However, this effect may be suppressed by high temperature cooking. Care is necessarywhenD-psicose is used as a food material.

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