Study on some fresh water snails as parasite intermediate host in mosul area (North of Iraq)

Author(s): Talib H.Ali, Al Salahi MSA and AL Dawoody AAK

A survey was conducted in most water bodies around Mosul area (rivers, streams and pools) to identify the existing types of fresh water snails in the studied area. Five major species were recognized and described in details (Physa acuta, Lymnaea auricularia, Melanopsis praemorsa, Melanopsis nodosa and Theodoxus jordani). There were major differences between the morphology of the five species found as well as their co- occurrence; mainly Physa and Lymnaea inhabit the same sites while Melanopsis were found to be restricted to mountain spring waters (stenotherm water). This may be due to thermal acclimation and their shell of different kinds, smooth, nodulated and costulated.The present study was supported by photographs of shells and life specimens.

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