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Species Diversity and Enumeration of Various Plant Species in Medak Telangana State

Author(s): Naresh K*, Avinash kumar J, and Venkateshwar C

Medak is one of the district of Telangana state which is known for its low nutrient soils, supporting growth of some of the inferior plant species in 2016(Feb)-2017 (Feb). In this research work vegetation found in the Medak district is being divided into two broad categories, that is forest vegetation and non- forest vegetation. The vegetation found in the field area was further divided into various groups depending on morphological characteristics shown by them. A vast exploration was conducted wherein the researchers have visited various areas to observe the versatility seen in the respective regions. It is been found that the field area is inhabited by various types of plants belonging to families like Leguminosae (104), Poaceae (83), Cyperaceae (49), Asteraceae (37), Euphorbiaceae (31), Acanthaceae (22), Rubiaceae (20), Lamiaceae (18), Convolvulaceae (17) and Amaranthaceae (15). During the studies, the predominant of the plant species observed belonged to Leguminosae family. This study can be further proceeded by doing a detailed analysis of the soil for its physicochemical characters which specifically supported the growth of Leguminosae members.

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