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Space Biology-Elucidation of Various Medical Space Equipments and Treatments

Author(s): Ria Chhabra, Bhavya Sharma, Nitin Parashar, Chakshu, Patil Darshan

Space biology or aerobiology is concerned with the impact of outer space on living organisms which includes studying the lethal effects of space atmosphere on human body which includes hypoxia,radiations etc. Basically it is the study concerning with how conditions in extraterrestrial environment especially microgravity (less gravity) affect living organisms.The main objective of space biology is understanding of the impact of space flight to the human body such as international space station and ground based experiments that mimic the impact of space flight and to prepare human body for other space exploration missions far from earth. Being an astronaut is not an walk in the park, it has succumbed many scientists and crew members, by including proficient medical experts who have considerable surgical skills it is possible that the worse incidents can be mitigated.

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