Some thoughts about the Morningstar Energy Box - Operation of a Poynting vector motive device

Author(s): Paul A.Murad, Morgan J.Boardman, John E.Brandenburg, Garett Volk, Wayne Mitzen

The Morningstar Energy Box is a revolutionary derivative based upon both a Searl and the Russian device by Godin and Roschin. The game-changing technology Energy Box is similar to a mechanical cage per the Russians, uses laminated rollers per Searl and a unique main ring with a ferromagnetic fluid reservoir to enhance electrical and magnetic properties. During early experimental test, this electromagnetic device only lost 2 to 5 pounds of its 190 pounds at steady-state rotation. Thru transient rotation changes, the weight change dropped as much as 20 to 40 pounds. During these last test series, the device unexpectedly showed a 14-pound weight reduction or 7.3% loss during steady-state; loss of 12% occurred during transient situations. An investigation examined some potential explanation(s) for the unusual performance of this nonlinear device. Three approaches were initially identified for why the weight might change during operation. Some of these plausible explanations included:  The conversion of angular momentum into linear momentum.  Gravito-Electro-Magnetism (GEM) effects- A Poynting vector force uses induction.  Retarded Potentials- The ring acts as a reflection plane for the roller electric and magnetic fields and time is retarded. Several additional possible explanations were identified where some of these explanations may fall within supportable technical evidence. These efforts include: Cogravitation, Matter waves, gravitational wave effects and a conjecture thru the ‘N’ Dimension axis. With this additional spectrum of feasibilities, a serious need warrants further determination about what induces the weight changes which may impact synthesizing a future space propulsion concept.

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