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Some Studies on Quality Assessment of Exotic Promising Rice Cultivars on the Basis of Physical Characteristics

Author(s): Thati B, Sharma RK, Rajesh Kumar and Prasad K

Physical properties play vital role in quality characterization, selection and process suitability of different raw materials for the design of different types of equipments. Promising exotic rice cultivars of Pusa Basmati-1, Katarni, Tulsi Phul, Sarbati, PR-106,OR-10-112 and Parmalwere selected for the present study. These rice cultivars were having moisture content in the range of 9.67 to 13.15% on dry weight basis. While the dimensional comparison showed that OR-10-112 was the longest and Tulsi Phul was the shortest in length, the average transverse dimensions were highest for PR-106 smallest for Katarni. Itwas seen that among all the varietiesKatarni was the thinnest. The other properties which include, sphericity, porosity, aspect ratio, angle of repose and coefficient of static friction differs significantly and cultivar dependent, which has paved the way for dimensional quality characterization through image analysis of selected rice cultivars.

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