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Software Product Lines for Mobile Patient Monitoring Systems Using FODA a Grammar

Author(s): Paliwal G and Bunglowala A

A common Architectural design, for a diverse set of components is not a trivial task. It involves preparation for mass customization, focusing first on what is common to all products, and then in what is different. Components must be engendered for being reused by all, or most of the possible configurations. These components can be developed from scratch or derived from other platforms. This flexible design sanctions to reuse these components with different configurations for a particular solution to provide a mass customized set of well-defined products. Product Line (PL) engineering aims to fortify engenderment of wide range of customized products with flexible design. Variability design is about incorporating components that represents the range of possible configurations for a product in the PL. This variability, is defined during the domain engineering process. When we utilize the term variability we are referencing to the capability that something has to change in time, which makes it categorically appropriate for the domain of Mobile Patient Monitoring Systems (MPMs) where we require a wide range of mass customized product for different group of chronically ill patients. In this paper we have derived the Product Lines for the domain of MPMs utilizing the fodaA grammar.

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