Significance of Vegetables in Human Diet– - A Short Review

Author(s): Nikita Patel and Rajashekhar Ingalhalli

Vegetables are important food and highly beneficial for the maintenance of health and prevention of diseases. Vegetables contribute minerals, vitamins and fiber to the diet. Vegetables are classified as leaf, stem, fruit, flower, root etc. Some vegetables are also seasonal and have their own nutrition value. Vegetables are not only store house of many nutrients. They also signify therapeutic value and show antioxidant properties. The vital metals are transferred into our bodies through vegetables which absorb them from soil. The demand for vegetables is increasing every year but, at the same time cultivable land is also diminishing. With a shorter shelf life, the vegetables exhibit concern about food safety. It is the need of the hour to enhance the production and improve/modify the nutrient status of vegetables through biotechnological approaches.

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