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Serum Biochemical Markers in Ovarian Cancer – A Review

Author(s): Harpreet Kaur and Jagmohan Singh

Ovarian cancer is the most frequent cause of death from gynaecological cancers, characterized by few early symptoms, diagnosis at an advanced stage as well as poor prognosis. A number of cell surface antigens and serum proteins are produced by ovarian tumors and can be assayed using monoclonal antibodies. Some of these assays have been applied clinically as markers of disease status and are useful in the diagnosis of recurrent ovarian cancer. CA-125 is currently the serum marker most widely used to monitor therapeutic response and to detect disease recurrence in patients treated for epithelial ovarian cancer.Among the other new tumor markers, M-CSF, HE4,mesotehlin seem to be promising. The serial measurement of complementary serum markers can improve the use of marker screening for epithelial ovarian cancer.

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