Screening of Insecticides Susceptibility Status on Anopheles vagus & Anopheles philipinensis from Mizoram, India

Author(s): Vanlalhruaia K, Gurusubramanian G and Senthil Kumar N

An. vagus and An. philipinensis are the two dominant and potential vectors of malaria in Mizoram. These mosquito populations are continuously being exposed directly or indirectly to different insecticides including the most effective pyrethroids and Dichloro-diphenyl-trochloroethane. Therefore, there is a threat of insecticide resistance development.We subjected these vectors to insecticides bioassay by currently using pyrethroids viz. deltamethrin and organochlorine viz. DDT. An attempt was also made to correlate the activities of certain detoxifying enzymes such as Alpha- esterase, Alpha-esterase and glutathione-S transferase (GST) with the tolerance levels of the two vectors. The results of insecticide susceptibility tests and their biochemical assay are significantly correlated (P<0.05) as there is elevation of enzyme production in increasing insecticides concentrations. Characterization of GSTepsilon-4 gene resulted that An. vagus and An. philipinensis able to express resistant gene.

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