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Satellite Observation and Indirect Solar Irradiance

Author(s): Keyu Wang

 The optical properties of satellites are attracting attention as Space Domain Awareness (SDA) develops. Typically, satellites were thought to have no other light source outside sunlight. However, during the actual observation, scientists discovered that moonlight and earthshine would increase the observation results' errors, which had a significant impact on their estimation of the satellite's state. We offer a suggestion for an observation strategy to counteract this influence. First, we suggest a precise earthshine model that favors longterm continuous satellite observation and takes into account the size of the earth. The impact of moonlight and earthshine on satellite observation results is then examined, and it is discovered that this impact varies depending on the characteristics of the satellite. Additionally, we deduce the impact law and establish a link between it and observation geometry. Finally, a Period Contribution model is suggested to offer a suitable observation strategy to counteract the impact of moonlight and earth shine.

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