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Salivary LDH ΓΆΒ?Β? Diagnostic and Prognostic marker in Oral Squamous cell carcinoma

Author(s): Doddappa Bannigida, Vijayashree Neeravari*

The lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) in the cells varies according to the metabolism. Increased levels of serum LDH is due to necrosis of cells and can be used as a biochemical marker in diagnosis of various cancers. Similarly increased LDH levels in saliva may be due to death of epithelium lining the oral cavity. We measured and compared the serum LDH levels with salivary LDH in patients with oral leukoplakia and oral squamous cell carcinoma. We also correlated the levels of salivary LDH with the histological differentiation of the tumor and compared there levels before and after surgery. In oral leukoplakia the increased in serum LDH levels is almost double compared to salivary LD. However, serum and salivary LDH levels are almost same in oral squamous cell carcinoma. Poorer the differentiation of OSCC higher the salivary LDH levels. These values were seen to revert back to almost normal levels after surgical excision of the tumor. Salivary LDH estimation is simple and non invasive can be used as a biochemical marker in diagnosis and prognosis of SCC.

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