Role of various mobilization maneuvers in the management of low back pain

Author(s): Shashank Ghai, Ishan Ghai

AMechanical Lowback pain is a disorder associated withmal-alignment or malfunctions related to the lower Spinal Column. Itmay indulge injury of a Lumbar column of Spine, although inmost cases the etiology is idiopathic. It is a very common musculoskeletal disorder. It has been evaluated as one of themost common and important disorder to infest theworking population. The main objective of this review manuscript is to present an overview of preferred practices for managing the Mechanical low back pain and to enlighten the lack of consensus therapist and people face regarding cause and conservative treatment of Mechanical Low back pain. The following study is designated as a literature review of relevant text and studies published. The conclusion derived fromthe following reviewmanuscript is that the different physical therapist prefers different schools of thought for mobilization; howeverMaitlandmanagement andMcKenzie management maneuvers are in fact the management approaches of choice and thusmost commonly implemented.

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