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Review of Design Strategies and Benefits for Electronic Assemblies Operating

Author(s): Carrasco JA, Quiros FG, Alaves H and Palazon JA

The workings of electronics at low temperature have many potential advantages since, up to a certain level of integration, reduce losses and increase the speed of electronic circuitry. Besides cryogenic applications used for scientific and medical purposes, the operation of circuits at low temperatures has been proposed in the past to increase general electronic system performance to be abandoned later by the fast technological increase in performance of modern electronic devices. The objectives of the present paper are to review the recommendations or modifications to make possible electronic designs, including implementation aspects that work at low temperature and severe thermal environment while being compliant with present manufacturing standards for space applications. The recommendations may involve materials selection, operation over the PCBs (soldering), storage and the operation of electronics at low temperatures and wide thermal cycles.

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