Responsibility towards the environment and living beings: Review

Author(s): M.G.Landge, S.S.Badade, B.V.Kendre

“Live and Let Live” The environment plays a significant role in human development, human health and diseases. Over the years, the environment has been progressively harsh, due to climate change (CC), global warming (GW) and acid rain (AR), Ozone layer (OL) etc. The increase in the production of green house gases has resulted in enhanced green house effect which has also resulted in changing epidemiological pattern of diseases. The concept of global warming was reviewed; various climatic changes, acid rains and ozone layer were discussed in the present study. Obligation towards the environment and living beings is the environmental ethics. Environmental crisis is in reality, the crisis of ethics. Over exploiting our right and failing in duty towards the environment. It is our duty to save environment for other species and for our future generation. Polluting the environment and depleting the natural resources are dangerous and selfish human acts against the principles of ethics. Living in harmonywith nature has always been emphasized with the philosophy to take fromnature only what we actually need and not more.

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