Research of Ground Water Denitrification using a Plate-and-Frame Composite Membrane Bioreactor

Author(s): Guomin Cao, Lihui Zhang, Mei Sheng and Yongdi Liu

A plate-and-frame composite membrane bio reactor (PFCMBR) integrating the immobilized cell technique and the membrane separation technology was developed for groundwater denitrification. In PFCMBR the groundwater and external carbon source (ethanol solution) are separated by the plate-like immobilized cell, molecules of nitrate and ethanol diffused from the respective frames into the plate-like immobilized cell where nitrate was reduced to gaseous nitrogen by the denitrifying bacteria present there with ethanol as carbon source. The microporous membrane attached to one side of plate-like immobilized cell is used to separate product water from a plate-like immobilized cell or to provide effective retention of the biomass.Using the PFCMBR for groundwater denitrification, the over dosed external carbon source can be reused, and its treatment performance was perfect during continuous operation up to 98 days, and almost all effluent NO3 --N, NO2 --N, and CODMn concentrations are below their maximum contaminant levels.

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