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Prevelence and Antibiogram of S.aureus Isolated from Different Hospital in Hyderabad, Karnataka, –South India

Author(s): Venubabu Thati, Shagufta Naseer B, Aashis S Roy and Subhaschandra M Gaddad

Staphylococcus aureus remains one of themost important infection control problems encountered in hospital environments today as the cost of controlling the outbreaks of organisms are probative. Thus emphasising the prevention of Staphylococcal infections has become the immediate need of the hour. The S.aureus shown alike premier resistance to penicillin and Oxacillin (96.15%) followed by ceftazidime (84.61),76.92% for both againstmethicillinand amphicillin, Amoxicillin (73.07%),Cefotaxim (61.53%), Erythromycine (57.66%), Cephalexin (53.84%), Coxicycline (50%), Refamphicine and Nalidixic acid (46.15%), Clarithromycin (42.30%), Norflaxacine (38.46%),34.61%forAmikacin,Suphazidime and Cifroflaxacine, 30.76% for Tetracycline and Co-trimaxizole, Streptomycine and Chloramphinicol (23.07%), 15.38% for Vancomycine and Clindamycine and very low resistance (7.61%) was observed against gentamycin.

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