Pollination and yield dynamics of cocoa tree

Author(s): P.K.Kwapong, K.Frimpong-Anin, B.Ahedor

This study was conducted to evaluate pollination and yield along the vertical plane of cocoa trees.Assessment of fruit-set, survival of set fruits to maturity, pod size, and number of seeds in pods at the canopy, mid- and basal-trunk sections of cocoa tree was conducted. Contrasting pattern in fruit-set, number of pods and number of seeds per pod along the vertical sections were recorded. While the least fruit-set occurred at the canopy level, mid trunk recorded the least and highest pod survival and beans per pod respectively. This inconsistency appears not to follow any known phenomenon in cocoa reproduction, and behaviour and efficiency of pollinators are implicated. Pod sizeswere similar despite significant variation in the number of seeds per pod and correlations between pod size, number of pods and number of beans per pod were not statistically significant. Pod production dynamics relative to pollinators and pollination needs intensive assessment.

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