Plasma universe cosmology, electric charge and coherent quantum vacuum dynamics

Author(s): Luigi Maxmilian Caligiuri

One of the most interesting conjectures made within Plasma Universe cosmology is the assumption that space is penetrating by a network of filamentary electrical currents ideally reproducing, at different space scales, cellular structure. This implies electricity could be, in some sense, related to a fundamental, yet undiscovered deep property of the space itself. Strictly related to this model is the hypothesis, claimed by Bailey in 1960, according to which stars carry about a net electric charge whose extent is directly proportional to their mass and to the gravitational constant G. On the other hand, past and recent researches have shown inertia and gravity could actually both be the manifestation of the dynamics of Zero Point Fields, also know as Quantum Vacuum. In particular, in a series of previous papers, this author suggested the idea that G can be expressed as a function of quantum vacuum mass-density equivalent and that its value could be not actually constant but variable with the distance from the mass generating the gravitational field. Furthermore, we recently proposed a model (CMH) in which mass can be considered as the result of a superradiant phase transition of quantum vacuum due to the coherent interaction between matter and ZPF. In this paper, starting from the above results and from Bailey’s hypothesis, it will be shown that also the presence of electric charge on stars, as predicted by Plasma Universe cosmology, could be related to matter-ZPF interaction. This results could suggest a deeper interpretation of Plasma Universe Theory as related to a universal property of space itself described by Zero Point Field as well as interesting insights towards a possible unification between electromagnetism and gravitation.

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