‘Plant mimicry’: An enthralling evolution of erroneous exploitation

Author(s): Avani R.Patel, Dhruti H.Mistry

The term“mimicry” is racking the brain of scientists, novelists, ecologists, evolutionists and lay man readers since this behavior has been observed. Many plants have evolved to appear like other plants, its own parts, inanimate objects, animals, fungi, or most commonly insects. This can have wide ranging benefits including increasing pollination, protection, and imitation and so on. The present review is a huddle of information about the so called “MIMICRY” in plants viewing grounds of it; predominantly the talk on plants which mimic animals, other plants, inanimate object and fungi. Further,mimicry has been portrayed in diverse way naming “Ant mimicry”, “Aphid mimicry”, “caterpillar mimicry” on the basis of which object is being mimicked by plants.

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