Physicochemical characterization of humic acids extracted from vermicompost and its impact on growth of Oryza sativa

Author(s): J.Arunkumar, G.Mathumathi, J.Sivasankari, K.Perumal

The research work focusing the suitable method for extracting humic acid frommanures at farmer’s field. The results reveal that the humic acid extracted by KOH and NaOH have a loosely honeycomb structure characterized by a predominance of flakes and fragments adhering on the surface and fractions exhibited a distinct physical appearance, being close-grained and lumpy. Chemical analysis shows that the predominant components are Mg, Fe, Na,K, Ca, and P in humic acids. Furthermore the EDS spectra also showthe presence ofMg, Fe, Na, K, Ca, and P in the humic acid extracted with KOH and additionalmineralsAl, Si, S and Cl in the humic acid.TheHAE3Humic acid (KOH used for extraction) was showed higher seed germination (88%) and vigour index (31.51%) in paddy (Oryza sativa).

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