Persian Common Crape Myrtle Leaves; Phytochemical Screenings and Flavonoid Patterns

Author(s): Alamdar Ashnagar, Mona Motakefpour, Amir Abbas Rahimi, Iraj Mehregan and Alireza Ghannadi

Extracts of Lagerstroemia indica leaves from Lythraceae family were assessed for phytochemical screening tests and flavonoid profiling. The results revealed the plant contained flavonoids, tannins and cardiac glycosides. The isolation of flavonoids was carried out by means of preparative Thin Layer Chromatography of methanolic extract of the plant leaves. The structure of two flavonoids was determined by the UV-Vis. techniques in methanol and by addition of the shift reagents. They may belonging to the flavanones/dihydroflavonols and chalcones flavonoid groups.

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