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Parts of Nefertiti Reimaged by Hirise

Author(s): Greg Orme

The Nefertiti, or Profile Image, was recently partially reimaged by HiRise. This paper shows a close-up of the hat and part of the front of the face from two new images. It represents a successful prediction as these features are more artificial looking, they could have looked more random under higher resolution supporting the null hypothesis. Other possible Martian faces with similar motifs are compared to it. Also discussed are nearby paleoseas in Amazonis, Chryse, and Acidalia Planitias that imply an earlier habitable environment. Amazonis Planitia has been recommended to be investigated for ancient life signs. Cold rivers from a snow melt would remain fresh and freer from toxic chemicals hostile to life, Nefertiti being on the edge of a river from Tharsis Montes could have been part of a former settlement.

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