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Oracle DBMS: Assortment Tool for BLAST Search and Regular Expression Pattern Corresponding in Life Sciences

Author(s): Trivedi BA, Patel PN, Jani HJ, Kurup Shriji, Chatrabhuji PM and Ratna Trivedi

As database management systems expand their array of analytical functionality, they become powerful research engines for biomedical data analysis and drug discovery. Databases can hold most of the data types commonly required in life sciences and consequently can be used as flexible platforms for the implementation of knowledgebase. Performing data analysis in the database simplifies data management by minimizing the movement of data from disks to memory, allowing pre-filtering and post-processing of datasets, and enabling data to remain in a secure, highly available environment. This article describes the Oracle Database implementation of BLAST and Regular Expression Searches and provides case studies of their usage in bioinformatics.

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